Quimle | Metropolitan College

The Metropolitan College program wanted to find a way to help its participants better learn about program requirements. They also wanted to try and reduce the frustration associated with long office wait times during busy times of the year.

Quimle Screenshots

I worked as project lead to help design and build a “quick quiz” mobile web app, we named Quimle. The app would serve two main purposes: 1) it would help quickly drill participants on key program information in a fun and competitive way, and 2) it would reduce the perceived amount of office wait time by engaging students in a challenge (with prizes) while they waited.

Because students have a wide array of mobile phones with varying capabilities, we decided to build a web app, so it would be accessible by any web-capable device. Our main challenges were to build an app that:

  1. was incredibly fast—to accommodate slow bandwidth and devices of varying power;
  2. was progressively enhanced—to accommodate older, less-capable devices; and
  3. had extremely simple interactions—so it would be easy to use on non-touchscreen devices like feature phones.

We met all these goals by building a light-weight Ruby on Rails app. We used plain HTML forms for quiz interations and reduced tap/clicks to 2 per question. We also relentlessly optimized the frontend. Each page has only a single external asset (a minified, gzipped css file) which gets cached. The initial page load is ~4kb, and each subsequent page is ~1k. Even on slow connections, navigation from screen to screen feels almost instantaneous.

Sample App Screen
Quimle home screen
Sample Screen
Manage quizzes

We built the administrator interface in the same manner—an ultra-light-weight set of pages and controls. Administrators can create and manage quizzes as well as view and export results. The entire app works on any web-capable device from the newest smart phone to the oldest feature phone.

Project Roles

  • User Research
  • Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ruby on Rails
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