Kentucky Bar Foundation

The Kentucky Bar Foundation wanted to create a web presence to distinguish itself from the Bar Association and promote the philanthropic work of its programs and grants.

Kentucky Bar Foundation homepage

We began the discover phase by conducting interviews—mostly with board members and past grant recipients. From the interviews we gained a better understanding of the full impact of the foundation and the breadth of its work. We also gained insight into the current level of awareness of the foundation and its public perception.

After reviewing the interviews and conducting an audit of some existing content the Foundation had on the Bar Association’s web site, we worked together to develop a strategy. Among other things, we considered the goals of the foundation, its challenges, existing content, new content to be created, and the resources the foundation would have available to maintain the site on an ongoing basis.

Our main goals were to put a spotlight on the good work made possible by the Foundation and to clearly distinguish it from the Bar Association. We wanted to highlight stories of real people touched by the Foundation’s programs and grants and also provide a simple way for donors to give money and programs to request grant money.

With a strong strategic direction defined, next we worked on a visual direction. We reviewed other web sites—good and bad. We discussed what elements worked and what didn’t; what we should take inspiration from and what we should avoid. We created an element collage to help us arrive at a look and feel that would match the Foundation’s message and vision. For the collage we used original content and bits and pieces of other sites. We used this as a way to explore colors, typography, user interface elements and layouts.

Element Collage
Element Collage

Once we had a solid strategy and visual direction, we got down to business building page layouts and designing interactions. Finally, we created the site in a content management system so that the Bar Foundation staff could maintain and update the site in-house.

Content Management System screenshot
Content Management System

The Kentucky Bar Foundation now has a site that showcases its good works, accepts grant application requests, allows for online donations and promotes its rich history.

Donation page screenshot
Donation Page

Project Roles

  • User Research
  • Strategy
  • Visual Direction
  • Interface Design
  • Frontend Coding
  • CMS Integration


  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
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