CREW Career Center

The CREW Career Center is a career services center for Jefferson Community & Technical College. Changes to the center’s funding and target audience prompted the need for a complete redesign of the site.

CREW Career Center home page
New CREW Home Page

As Project Lead I worked with the CREW Center Director and staff to clearly define the center’s new goals and target audience. We interviewed students, faculty, and staff and created user personas to help guide the redesign. Next we worked together to audit and evaluate the website’s current content. We took the existing content and the center’s new goals—along with the insights we had gained into the behaviors and motivations of the target audience—and mapped out a strategy for the site.

The new site is much more focused and greatly simplified. Each type of service the center offers is clearly displayed along with all of the tasks a student can complete. The site layout is consistent and intuitive with the most frequently accessed services “bubbled” up to the forefront.

CREW Services Page
Career Center Services

We completely rewrote the site’s content, moving to a consistent voice and structure. We described available services using short sentences and action verbs. Each service area consists of one or more actionable tasks. Each task is clearly labeled according to the way it can be completed: online, in-person or by appointment.

CREW screenshot
Tasks are labeled according to their “delivery type”

The new CREW site went live fall 2014 and has been consistently praised by students, faculty and employers alike.

Project Roles

  • User Research
  • Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Graphic Design


  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
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