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I had the privilege of working with The Kentucky Bar Foundation to launch their first web site for “Care in Kentucky”—a credit education initiative. In recent years they’ve expanded and built upon the program. They asked me to redesign the site to support and reflect their new goals and expanded outreach.

CARE website

The Bar Foundation’s new goals for the program included implementing better outreach to attorneys around the state and creating a packaged “blueprint” for the program to make it easier to replicate in outlying areas that may not have the resources of larger counties.

We began by analyzing the processes and components of the program as it was implemented in Jefferson County. We then made sure we had digital resources for each component an attorney would need for a presentation as well as a presentation manual. Finally we created a high-level blueprint for people who wanted to coordinate the initiative in their county.

Wordpress Custom Fields Screenshot
Custom content types in Wordpress.
Care Blueprint Screenshot
A blueprint for county coordinators.

I redesigned the site layout and structure to make it easy for presenters and attorneys to quickly sign up and get the resources they need. We also added a section for teachers, as well as a news feed and press kit.

Once we had the site structure and design, I created a custom Wordpress installation so volunteers and program managers could easily maintain the site. I developed custom content types to give administrators a simple interface to use when updating pages and adding new news posts. The site is responsive and optimized for quick loading via smart caching and optimized images and markup.

The new web site is a central component of the entire state-wide program, and now aspects of it are being used as a model to improve the way the program is coordinated at the national level.

Project Roles

  • User Research
  • Interface Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Graphic Design
  • CMS Integration


  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
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