I’m IT Project Lead for the Metropolitan College educational partnership. I’m passionate about designing and building great products—websites and apps that are semantic, standards-based, and accessible by everyone, from any web-capable device. That’s how the web was meant to be.

I’ve designed and built websites and apps for a wide range of organizations, including the Kentucky Bar Foundation, UPS, the University of Louisville, the Kentucky Council on Economic Education, and Eastern Kentucky University’s Center for Economic Education. See some of my recent work.

I’m also the creator of prepost-testing.com, an online testing service (which I'm in the process of completely redesigning and rebuilding. Look out for “Yrdstick”, launching late this year).

This is where I blog. Very infrequently. With no real theme. To be honest, I can’t believe you've even read this far.

I tweet at @jpolete. Get in touch with me there or by email at jason [at] jpolete [dot] me.