Less Talking About It, More Doing It.

I love working on new projects… or, more accurately, I love thinking about working on new projects. I fall in love with a great idea. I think about how I’ll start it, where it’ll go. I visualize screens and user interactions in my head. I get excited about it and then think, “Yeah, this is great. I’ll start on this tomorrow.”

Then tomorrow I decide to do all the little things I have on my plate first. “I’ll just get all of these little to-dos out of the way and then I’ll start on my great idea.” Of course, by the time all of my little to-dos are out of the way, the day is almost over, and I think, “It’s late. I don’t really have time to get started tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

And so it goes. The thing is, when something is only an idea in your head, it’s perfect. It’s when you actually begin working that you run into the sometimes ugly little realities of… well, reality. This little devilish problem over here. That solution over there that just doesn’t seem to be executed as elegantly as it could be.

As I work, each little roadblock slows down my momentum and slowly my perfect project is revealed to be imperfect. I transition from the wonderful feeling of a new and pristine idea to all the little toils and efforts it takes to bring that idea to fruition. Projects begin to lose momentum. I begin to lose momentum.

What’s worse, sometimes I never get started at all. I keep thinking, “This is a big undertaking, I can’t start this until I finish doing ___.” I shield myself from the prospect of my wonderful idea becoming less-than-perfect by never even letting myself get started.

While it may feel great at first—keeping that perfect idea perfect—it feels terrible never seeing it materialize. So what if it doesn’t work out? If you never start, it never has a chance. So get out there and do it. Quit talking about it. Quit thinking about it. Just Do It.

…And speaking of Nike, I saw this great tweet the other day.

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