UI Sketch Templates - Optimized for Good Notes

I’ve posted before about how I’ve become a fan of Good Notes for iPad. It’s a great tool for keeping digital notebooks that can contain anything from images to handwriting to typing to sketches. I’m also a fan of quick and dirty UI sketches to help work out ideas for interface design. So I took a 1-up and 6-up sketch template that I like and re-drew them in Illustrator and optimized them for Good Notes.

Good Notes has a number of preset templates you can use in your notebooks, but it also lets you import your own. They have a nice tutorial on their site to help you create templates that will render well in their app. Following that tutorial I created these two templates. Links to the PDFs are below. If you use them and find them helpful, I’d love to hear from you.

1-up Template

GoodNotes 1-up Sketch

6-up Template

GoodNotes 1-up Sketch

GoodNotes - Sketch Template (1-up) - Scaled (pdf)

GoodNotes - Sketch Template (6-up) - Scaled (pdf)

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